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Wedding in a Teacup holds an array of handmade items and fabulous finds to help you create your own unique and beautiful wedding day.  From exclusive invitations designed by us in our Brighton based studio, to classy guest books that we've searched the whole UK for, nothing shoddy or tacky or not absolutely saturated in style and gorgeousness has found its way onto this site.  We aim to inspire and satisfy you and save you hours trawling the internet for that special, elusive something.  Wherever possible our items are made from recycled material or are recyclable, fairtrade or made right here in the UK.

At Wedding in a Teacup, we love all the nuptial traditions - flowers and favours and confetti and first dances.  But we don't think there's a right way to do it all.  We see it more as a wonderful grab bag - just pick out what you want, add to it, and style it how you like!  

Many wedding venues provide their own plain white table cloths, napkins and china, which make the perfect backdrop for your creative input.  Bedeck the tables with our scintillating little vases holding just a few flowers; strew twinkling tea light holders in among them.  Tie up napkins or cutlery with our themed cotton ribbon; string on quirkily-stamped labels for place markers.  Add colour and create a lavish mood by scattering our striking favours around - table decorations for your guests to take home with them!

Our mantra is: take great pleasure in your planning and preparations, it will spill over into your wedding day and light it up.  So put enjoy it all at the top of your Big List and relax!  We like weddings where the best man’s speech is so rude that the mother of the groom won’t talk to him for an hour afterwards. Where the chief bridesmaid pulls the best-looking usher.  Where the bride kicks off her heels and dances bare foot.

How Wedding in a Teacup got started....   

Not all brides have dreamed of white weddings since the age of six.  I certainly hadn’t.  In fact the first stunned words out of my mouth when the man I loved suddenly proposed are too rude to repeat here! The first among my close friends to get engaged, and with a feminist mother who got married in flat boots, weddings were simply off my radar.  But I said yes, of course, and then we had to decide how.

With a background in fashion buying I have pretty defined tastes.  I love retro, natural, quirkiness and charm.  I quickly discovered that my taste isn’t represented in the mass-market wedding industry - big dresses, spangles, sparkles and organza bows on chair backs are just not very me!  The waste bothered me too.  All that stuff dumped as landfill after a few hours’ use.  Why not spend your hard-earned money on something you can take home afterwards to re-use and remind you of the joy of the day?

Then I discovered some brilliant UK wedding blogs showcasing real-life brides who had created fun and original weddings a world away from the mass market.  Inspired, I designed our own invitations, planted up a box of daisies to display our seating plan, got lots of candles, bunting and ivy, and sourced ribbon and letter stamps to make sweet favours and name tags.  And somewhere along the way, I got really excited about setting up an on-line boutique for brides who think like I do.  We launched in 2011.  I hope you enjoy your visit!

The Team - Wedding In A Teacup


The Founder

Hester is fanatical about all things wedding. A slave to efficiency, but design is where her heart lies.

Unknown 1


Magic Multi-Tasker

Jude has a way with words and an eye for pretty products. She also has a thing for the badge machine.



Packaging Queen

Holly lovingly packs up your goodies. She's a green tea drinking, seed stuffing extraordinaire.



Wordsmith Whizz

Hester's Mum, Kate's been there from day one. Blurbs, emails and a love/hate relationship with Kevin the seed packet printing machine.



Fancy Photographer

The lady behind Betti Confetti Photo, Gemma makes sure our products are looking pretty as a picture.



Office Pooch

A key but lazy member of the team, Mo sleeps most of the day only to wake for the postman. She also gives a good cuddle.

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